Thursday, 18 January 2018



From the comfort of the new sofa
We were looking at the old settee
The one we’ve still not disposed of

It actually looks all right there
In front of the folding dining table
Which we could move if it was needed

For the record…
It’s a green leather two-seater
Quite compact if you were interested
Though we might still decide to keep it

We were going to recycle it
Or maybe give it away to someone
Who might want to give it a reupholster

You see…
It was rather uncomfortable
But that’s really no disadvantage
If we don’t sit on it anyway

If someone should happen to visit
We wouldn’t want to encourage
People to hang around or stay

We don’t get many callers
They usually make us feel awkward
Wishing and hoping they’ll go away

After all…
Discomfort wouldn’t trouble us
But it might cause them to fidget
Then decide to be getting on their way

If we hang on to the old green sofa
Deciding to accept yet another defeat
We can at least offer them a seat

MAWH, Jan 2018

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