Saturday, 13 January 2018



The clock ticks away the emptiness of minutes
Another moment passes then another then another
Killing time by the hour after hour after hour
Drifting through this vacuum yearning to make a noise
We pass along unnoticed and without purpose
Hoping to catch one unguarded sideways glance
From those that dare to love and risk being loved
But if we are loved we think we are winning
Whilst those unknown unknowable other lives
All noticed yet destined to be forever unloved

The calendar marks away the emptiness of days
No longer endless as they flow fleetingly finite
Filling life’s empty void day after day after day
Sparkle fading Christmas tinsel packed in its box
Empty vessels lurching daily into filling the abyss
Cardboard boxes, bright carrier bags filling the chasm
Padding walls of custom-made hand-crafted asylums
Those silk-lined personal prisons of our own making
We inhabit hoping we can outwit or outsit eternity
All knowing there's no escaping from this comfort zone

Time eats away at another empty corroded vessel
Another life passing then another then another
The nothing and the nothing and the nothing
Each of us self-tortured by our own living hell
Watching and wondering and wishing and failing
Paths not trodden risks not taken lives not lived
Where once pulsed fresh energy now memories persist
Dissolving decaying ripening fruit expands to burst
As honey sweet treacle lives drip drip drip away
All fading as time’s slow leak becomes a deluge

Martin A W Holmes, 2018

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