Thursday, 10 May 2018


Reminded this morning of a rather annoying day a long time ago...
Turned it into a quick poem...


Arriving one morning at college
Near the end of my foundation course
I got cornered by our trusted course leader
Said he'd got info from the mouth of a horse

That course tutor sent me for an interview
"Just get on the next train" he said
"Shouldn't you check first?" I worriedly asked him
"Don't worry" replied that dickhead

So I got there and nobody knows me
Hadn't been told I'd been coming at all
Sat me down in a room for a natter
Told me that they'd give me a call

When I got back he said he was sorry
He hadn't been able to get a call through
Of the eight of us interviewed that day
One got rejected - guess who?

But despite this professional setback
Things kind of worked out in the end
I got to learn my business elsewhere
In a place that I will always defend

That course leader still seems like a pillock
About my future he thought "What the heck?"
Since then I've had a strict rule which I live by
Despite whatever's been promised - still check

MAWH, May 2018

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