Monday, 14 May 2018



We’re strolling our way home
From a book-signing night
After bantering with Alexei
I’m feeling quite bright

Sauntering across city squares
Hurrying for a late train
Precious books clutched so tightly
Hoping it doesn’t rain

A woman waits at the kerbside
As we’re passing by
She turns her head at our footfalls
And she catches my eye

I know her from somewhere
I swiftly declare
I’m pretty sure I once met her
But I’m just not sure where

I make a move towards her
She shudders visibly
Looking along the street now
For that hoped-for taxi

I’m certain we were acquainted
In my Levenshulme years
I think we probably chatted
If I’d had a few beers

On the subject of my past life
I can be such a bore
My Beloved looks more closely
She’s heard it all before

I think I met her at a party
I pronounce emphatically
Carry on walking, love -
That’s Gina McKee

MAWH, May 2018 (although this happened several years ago now)

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