Friday, 25 May 2018



Huge buses on tiny country lanes
Roadworks popping up overnight
Are cautiously driven as it rains
Blocking ill-timed glaring lights

Capillaries of the city clogged
With traffic moving so slow
Circulation’s faltering
How could such traffic flow

Huge trucks following sat-navs
Up tracks too small to cope
Vast queues forming right behind
It’s all grinding to a halt

Throbbing veins of the city clogged
Embolising movement
The city’s still beating heart
Stifled with discontent

The selfish cut the others up
Thoughtlessly lane-changing
Their indication’s vague at best
Fatefully rearranging

Arteries of the city clogged
With far more stop than go
Cars cardiac arresting
Striking one last fatal blow

MAWH, May 2018

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