Wednesday, 8 March 2017



Three bullets to the brain
Fired by the brainless
Who desecrate with raging saws
Hacking at this noble creature
Raging sores of humankind
Who want a quick buck
To make a Chinese fuck
And give them the bloody horn

If they can’t be kept safe
Inside a bloody zoo
What hope is there for any cause?
Try saving the rhinocerous
And elephants from “humans”
Who want a quick buck
To make a Chinese fuck
And give them the bloody horn

Martin A W Holmes, March 2017

From “The Independent” March 7th, 2017:

A rhinoceros at a zoo near Paris was shot three times in the head on Monday night by poachers who then cut off its horn with a chainsaw.

The four-year-old rhinoceros, named Vince, was found dead by keepers at Thoiry Zoo, to the west of the French capital.

One or more poachers are believed to have broken in to the zoo and forced their way into an enclosure where three rhinos lived, reported Le Parisien.

The white rhinoceros's second horn had also been partially hacked off, indicating the perpetrators had run out of time or their equipment had failed.

They may have also planned to steal the horns of the two other white rhinos, five-year-old Bruno and 37-year-old Gracie. Both animals are said to be safe and healthy.

Vince was born on in September 2012 at Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands. He arrived in Paris in March 2015 with Bruno.

Rhinoceros horns can be sold on the black market for around £30,000 each and are particularly sought after in China, where they are believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

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