Thursday, 9 March 2017



Blips across the universe
Snugly sitting within
Their Goldilocks zone

If they are out there
We're unlikely to meet
In the same sliver of time

Humanity but a heartbeat
In the history of earth
We died before their birth

Gods rolling dice
Playing celestial odds
They died before our birth

Or set off before
We evolved to arrive
After we had gone

The vagaries of physics
Geological time
And statistics

Only human arrogance
Assumes we'll always be here
To meet and greet them

Or that they'd care enough
To come and visit
A world so unwelcoming

Time's uncaring crucible
Violently brutally bubbling
As civilisations come and go

The unbearable endless
Vastness of empty eternity
Life passing in eternal night

MAWH, March 2017

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