Wednesday, 8 March 2017



Crack the darkness
Venture out
Dark skies promise much
A hoot in a familiar tree
Brings joy as I approach quietly

Try to capture
Morning joys
Glass eye for eye’s lens
I make a few notes on a small screen
Standing by a field all alone

No mist, no snow
No colours
No clear skies, no moon
No birds choose to rest picturesquely
No planes along this valley today

Heading back home
Eyes cast down
Step in a puddle
To wash the mud off my matted boots
But only end up with soggy socks

Take a deep breath
Venture on
Towards the river
Hopelessly remaining full of hope
Expecting there’ll be nothing to see

Turn back again
But what’s that?
A Dipper dips
Cormorants stretching on the pylons
Keeping me outdoors for far too long

Martin A W Holmes, March 2017

No mist
No planes
No colours
No clear skies
No moon
No birds
No snow

I step in a puddle
To wash mud off my boots
But only end up with soggy socks

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