Thursday, 9 March 2017



They tick and they tock
They cackle and hoot
Pat themselves on the back
And feather their nests

And outside -
People die

They squawk and they bleet
They bicker whilst talk's cheap
And say to themselves
How clever am I?

Yet outside -
People die

They protect their own
So pleased with themselves
Slash the national health
Accumulate more wealth

But outside -
People die

They think they're the best
Smarter than all the rest
Make life hard for individuals
Imply that we're all criminals

As outside -
People die

They make brutal cuts
And tax us all by stealth
So pleased with themselves
Never stopping to ask why

Right outside -
People die

They're not interested
Their interest's in selfish interests
Yet they're interested in interest
If it affects their interests

And outside -
People die

Time ticks and time tocks
They still cackle and still hoot
Keep on patting themselves on the back
They're so much better than the rest

Whilst outside -
People still die

MAWH, March 2017

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