Wednesday, 15 March 2017



I built a house of words
Spoken by all those actors
On all of those shiny discs
Or written by minds
Far cleverer than mine
Some of which I have even read
Many of which I still hope to

I built a house of words
Shelves bursting to the seams
With books and magazines
So many piles more
Scattered around the floor
Some of which I have skimmed through
Many of which I may still do

I built a house of words
A collection of many thoughts
Much forgotten; so many unread
But still they sit there
Piled next to my bed
Built on a misguided foundation
One day there’d be space for all

I built a house of words
Each trimmed doorstep another brick
Now it feels as if these blockbusters
Are the only structure left
To hold up crumbling walls
Decorated with a strange compulsion
That one soul could collect them all

I built my house of words
Hard-earned investments for the mind
The knowledge hungry can’t eat those words
And they will not
Keep the rain off
In some danker, drizzled times when
Too many rainy days might come

Martin A W Holmes, March 2017

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