Tuesday, 8 December 2015


A short poem about stupid fears...

I looked out
Of the car window
And saw
On the kerb
The ghost woman

And I realised
If she pulled a wire
And released
A deadly blossom
That would be it

Head to toe
In white
Crossing too far
From the light
The ghost woman

There would be
Nothing more
It would all
Be over
In an instant

The traffic
Looking for
A gap to cross in
The ghost woman

No time for
No moment
Of reflection
Nothing more

Not knowing
The fear she instilled
She stood
Innocently there
The ghost woman

All of the
Business of life
Would mean
Nothing any more

Then the woman
Dressed all in white
Gathered her children
And crossed the road
The ghost woman

All of this
Occurred to me
On the day
After the
Bombing began

Just trying
To head home
Getting on with
Living her life
The ghost woman

And the lights
Changed to green
And I shifted gear
And headed home
Like a ghost

Martin A W Holmes, December 2015

1 comment:

  1. We are entering another difficult phase in history. The fear is just beginning I fear.