Wednesday, 2 December 2015

GAMBOL 021215

"Moriarty wants us to dance to his merry tune, Watson" said Holmes "and we will, but, to be honest, it's a bit of a gambol..."

Went for a rural ramble
Which turned into a fumble
Got caught on a bramble
Yet after our short tumble
Home happy I did gambol

"Gambol" (from Kelvin Clone) - the fragrance that will put a spring in your step

Not the playful sort -
It's a bit of a gambol
Asking me to dance

There's a long story about my big gambol - but I think I'll skip to the end.

Nervously asked the girl to dance
She said "D'you wanna bet?"
Thanked the Lord he took that chance 
It was his gambolling debt

As the wise old ram used to say "Only ever gambol through streams you can ford..."

Gambol -
(v) : to run and skip about playfully; to frolic
(n) : an instance of running or skipping about playfully

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