Tuesday, 17 April 2018



Waking up suddenly
From vivid dreams
Of a row with my parents
In shared darkness
After coming home late
Disturbing their sleep
And there they were –
Alive again

I won’t sleep again now
Instead I remember
A stupid childhood game
A plastic box with a lid
Intersecting straight lines
Of golden diagonals

I stagger to the kitchen
In deep darkness
Heart still pounding
And breaking once more
Yet there they had been -
Alive again

I wonder if this is
What happens to you
As you approach the end
A memory of everything
You ever owned
Or ever will

Returning to bed
With no more dreams
This memory of a memory
Fades into darkness
Blurring at the edges
Merging with reality
Yet for a moment they’d been
Alive again

MAWH, 170418

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