Thursday, 1 February 2018



One-hundred and fifty years
Awaiting a miracle
January ends
Under Derbyshire cloud

Beneath pelted sleet-torn skies
A super red blue blood moon
Rose invisibly
Cloaked by Derbyshire cloud

Punching but never winning
Searchlights probe these darkened skies
Against the lost moon
Piercing Derbyshire cloud

Waiting at Central Station
Beyond glowing burning clouds
A glimpse a glimmer
Shines through Derbyshire cloud

Watching Winterwatch later
A sudden sky-cleared miracle
Around eight-thirty
Parting Derbyshire clouds

So soon the clouds refolded
A memory of moonshine
Lingering beyond
Glowing Derbyshire cloud

A silhouette flits over
The dark shape of an owl
Charcoal black against
Slate grey Derbyshire cloud

The following icy dawn
Moon winking a bleary eye
The morning after
Hanging over Manchester

Photography set aside
It’s about encouraging
People to look
Up at Derbyshire skies

MAWH, Feb 2018

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