Tuesday, 6 February 2018



The Gloomsbury Group
Or are they a set
May be an eclectic bunch
But they haven’t met yet

Living at the blunt end
Of the twenty-first century
Inspired ever so slightly
By that crowd in Bloomsbury
For a while they lurked
In dark corners online
Talking about their works
At least some of the time

The Gloomsbury Set
Or are they a club
Overcoming difficulties
But aye there’s the rub

Established for no good reason
In the year twenty-eighteen
Quite exclusive membership
If you know what I mean
Put there for discussions
Advice and mutual support
Giving hope to the hopeless
They’re a line of last resort

The Gloomsbury Club
Or are they a show
If you’re thinking Radio Four
Then the answer is no

A collection of wordsmiths
Paint wranglers and the rest
Of an Arts Community
On something of a quest
They know they ought to do
Something with their art
But often haven’t any clue
About where they should start

The Gloomsbury Show
Or are they a bunch
Lacking any confidence
When it comes to the crunch

It was suggested that they met up
Every once in a while
To have some conversations
Ones that might prove worthwhile
The hows the whys the wherefores
Of producing their somethings
Because sometimes inspiration
Is what someone else brings

The Gloomsbury Bunch
Or are they a crowd
They’re something to shout about
But maybe not too loud

Now there’s always a big risk
When meeting up in bars
That instead of talking business
They start downing a few jars
Quiet coffees turn into beers
Whiskies the odd glass of wine
Though if it’s what people choose to do
I suppose that would be fine

The Gloomsbury Crowd
Or are they a group
It really is a sticking point
How to define this troupe

Now the original Bloomsburys
Numbered around a dozen
And didn’t open up their doors
To everyone and their cousins
Which is why the group is closed
Unless you get an invitation
Although expressing some interest
Might make new worlds of creation

The Gloomsbury Group
Or are they a set
You may think they’re quite hopeless
But they haven’t yet met

MAWH, February 2018 

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