Tuesday, 6 February 2018



I’m not someone about whom
People tend to fret and worry
Unless of course that is except
When they know I’ve had a curry

I’m not someone over whom
People tend to lust and yearn for
My past romantic history
Must seem exceptionally poor

I’m not someone around whom
People wish to loiter and lurk
When it comes to staying in touch
I have been a bit of a burk

I’m not someone about whom
People tend to excite and thrill
Even in their hottest moments
They’ll take one look at me and chill

I’m not someone who will get
Barely even a second glance
Even the first can be a stretch
If I give somebody the chance

I’m not someone whos destined
For greatness and all of that stuff
When it comes to matters like fame
I’m just not interesting enough

I’m not someone who will be
Remembered by world history
Some are destined to change the world
I’m just not that clever you see

I’m not someone about whom
People hold a murderous thought
This uncontroversial living
Means nobody ends up in court

Im not someone who matters much
I’m not someone of note it’s true
I’m simply insignificant
I’m no one anybody knew

I am someone however
Not an important one that’s true
Just a simple someone saying
That I’m a someone too

MAWH, Feb 2018

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