Monday, 10 July 2017


Actually, I was rather chuffed with this one, taken on my evening walk on Saturday. After months of taking photographs of the moon, I do think this might be the most technically competent one that I've ever managed.

Heading back down the hill after watching the sunset and the moon rise between 9.00 and 9.30pm, I ran into a bloke with a camera and tripod and passed a cheery "Nice to see someone doing it properly!" and he replied with a cheery "I'm really here looking for Barn Owls..."

Now, I've been heading up that particular hill for a while now and, whilst I had been told there were Barn Owls about, I never really expected to see one as I lack the patience to wait, and worry about being out too late in the darkness of country lanes, so I mentioned that someone had told me that they were possibly roosting in the quarry, chatted a little about the Tawny Owls which we had seen and heard, and went on my way.

Happily, I still had the "big" lens on the camera, the one which I seldom take out as it's so heavy, and I'm rarely that successful with it as I don't lug a tripod about most of the time. It's a relatively cheap one, too, so the glass isn't all that great, but it serves its purpose.

Nevertheless, as I approached home, I decided to use a handy drystone wall as a makeshift tripod, and try for one or two last shots before heading indoors, just as an aircraft did that rare thing of lining up perfectly with the full moon from the spot I was standing and, given that I had about two seconds to take the shot, I was rather pleased with the resulting shot, especially as so much of it was actually in focus.

By the way, the next evening, walking down the hill after photographing another sunset, fully aware that it was too early and getting far too cloudy for the full moonrise on the 9th of July (about 10.10pm in our neck of the woods), I rather unexpectedly and astoundingly spotted this...

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