Thursday, 29 June 2017



A small shiny booklet appeared through the letterbox
Happily it wasn’t personally addressed at least
This exclusive development for the over-sixties
Has been built about five miles over to the east
There’s daffodils blooming and white haired faces
Fantastic views and impossibly tidy rooms
They all look so smiling in their retirements
Not full of thoughts of their impending doom
The folk seem so happy in the places they’ve bought
Some day we may all end up in Calico Court

It mentions that the final phase has now been released
Which was not the best choice of wording I thought
Though they’ve got a  twenty-four hour call system
Camera entry will give you access to Calico Court
There’s a stunning roof terrace and a family guest suite
An on-site manager, and exterior maintenance
The homeowner’s lounge for meeting new friends
There’s definitely no mention of a barbed-wire fence
Leaflets like this allow too much pause for thought
One day we may all end up in Calico Court

If the nice glossy pamphlet is to be believed
It’s a smiling young model who manages the place
Though the marketing cynic inside me knows well
I’m not sure you’ll ever see her particular face
Easy access to shops in a thriving market town
There’s countryside walks if you’ve still got good knees
If you’ll take advantage of the Green Ribbon Summer
They’ll even stump up some of your estate agent’s fees
Whilst I know it’s unlikely as I’m not quite their sort
I hope I never end up in Calico Court

Martin A W Holmes, June 2017

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