Tuesday, 20 June 2017



The raging poets
Have only their words
To battle with the absurd
Events which occur
In this crazy world

The raging poets
Their policy is
Equal opportunity
When venting their angry
Collective spleens

The raging poets
Care so very much
But they simply do not care
Which side you are on
If you’re in their sights

The raging poets
Have seen enough of
Mankind’s pointless violence
The fury and shame
They know who to blame

The raging poets
Underscore dark truths
Recognise injustices
Highlighting such wrongs
To all who’ll listen

The raging poets
Pick up their pencils
Punching away at keyboards
In sheer frustration
And desperation

The raging poets
Will scream and holler
With their fury and bile -
They sometimes feel
It’s all they can do

MAWH, June 2017

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