Thursday, 13 July 2017



Not a good night for owl bothering
Grey waves have clamped shut the sky
Curtaining the moon - hiding the blues
The skies won’t be dancing their flamenco
Although white lightning might still strike

I don’t want to go owl bothering
Light’s not looking promising
Not tonight my love – I’ll sit right here
Wondering of unseen flights fanciful
Remembering white lightning strikes

But someone will be owl bothering
They will have no objections
Venturing outdoors – watching the air
Cameras clicking binocular stares
Hoping white lightning will strike twice

Whilst I like to be owl bothering
I prefer lonely meanders
Solitary nights – company free
Lacking all vain hope or expectation
Then a flash of wild white lightning

Other nights I’ll go owl bothering
Pretending that I don’t care
Secretly yearning - Always hoping
For those unpredictable surprises
As white lightning soars and strikes

Martin A W Holmes, July 2017

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