Sunday, 30 July 2017



Dodging raindrops
Returning to the car
During a sharp shower
To fetch a bigger lens

There’s a Kestrel
Perching on a wire
Just outside the cafe
I want to take its picture

I spot a boat
Of twin-masted majesty
Which I saw sailing by
And stop to snap a picture

Then I hear a boy
Who I did not see
Say to his father
That man took my picture!

Which I ought to say
I did not - though it
May have looked that way
As I stopped to take that picture

The man with him replies
That’s why you must always
Wear your clothes outside
In case people take your picture

Which says a lot about
His view of the world
And about suspicions of
People carrying big cameras

Though if someone was dodgy
Would they really be so blatant?
When they ought to worry more
About phones taking sneaky pictures

But I really can’t imagine
Warped people lust over street scenes
They take their victims to dark
Secret places to take their pictures

A few minutes later in the rain
The father – I assume it was his father
Notices me once again and scowls
As I stand in the rain taking pictures

MAWH, July 2017

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