Tuesday, 3 October 2017



The muzzle flashes
Over and over and over
From the thirty-second floor
Down towards the bloody ground
Through yet another senseless act
A madman carves his place
In historical notoriety
Because he can because
No one dare call him wrong
In that land so free
So fifty-nine lives must end

Their lives flash by
So many over and over
Running for cover
As the hot lead rains down
The world becoming nonsense
The human right to life lost
By that ancient rite
Citing unquestioned rights
All notions of the wide
Empty prairie forgotten
Five hundred lives forever torn

Those muzzled flashes
Too many lives now over
In a violent world free
From policing and civilisation
It may have made sense once
With help and neighbours
Sometimes days away
But here today on the
Blood-stained streets
Of Fabulous Las Vegas
Millions of lives must change

MAWH, 031017

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