Monday, 30 November 2015


"Be very wary of Professor Philodox, Watson" warned Holmes, "there's far less to him than he would have you believe...!"

They call me a philodox
Can't believe the ire it arouses
If you disagree with me - then a pox
On all your houses

"Philodox" (from Kelvin Clone) - we believe it's our best fragrance ever, despite what they're all telling you

You know what I think -
In my opinion I'm
Not a philodox

The philodox paradox is a discussion forum without a comments section

Turns out my next-door neighbour
Must have been (a) philodox -
His weekly letters to the paper
Filled up the local pillar box

Philodox -
°A person with an excessive interest in his own opinions.

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