Friday, 27 November 2015

FEBRILE 271115

"If you don't stop this febrile attempt at misdirection" warned Holmes "things could get pretty warm for you...!"

She told me the dish was febrile
But I didn't ask her why -
I checked it after a little while
A burnt hand for a piece of pie

"Febrile" (from Kelvin Clone) - the fragrance that's hot stuff

Lying in the dark
Febrile mind ticking over -
Things are hotting up

State of the planet the humans lived on: febrile
Their attempts to do something about that: feeble

The Pharoah was feeling unwell
Running a fever all febrile -
Didn't want to admit it, you could tell
Threw himself in denial

Febrile -
°Feverish, or having a high temperature.
°Full of nervous energy.

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