Friday, 1 June 2018



This is the place where I had been
Bright younger souls live there now
Inhabiting those once familiar rooms
Where we once talked and joked
Rebuilding our brave new world
Wondering what the future held
Where we drank our mugs of tea
Where we toasted our sandwiches
Knowing it all yet knowing nothing
This is the place where I once was

This is the place where I had been
The world as I knew it now soon gone
Embraced by younger replacements
Becoming their own variations of us
Meeting their own new found people
Making their own lifelong friends
Where once we sat and drank and laughed
Talking late into our deepest dark nights
Joking in-jokes no one else understood
This is the place where we once were

This is the place where I had been
The wise know you should not go back
To see such old familiar personal spaces
Still much the same but o-so different
Finding your replacements in rooms
Living now as we once lived ourselves
Not noticing at all you’re no longer there
Not caring about your quick-cut absence
Life moves on and life coolly forgets us
This is the place I no longer belong

MAWH, June 2018

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