Friday, 23 March 2018



T-e unl-t glo-m of
An e-rly m-rning r-om
Lit by a tiny scr--n
T-e c-ntre disa—eari-g

Stra-gely d-zzling
Words v-nishi-g
Exp-nding to a jagg-d line
Kaleidoscopic danci-g

Blindi-g t-e read-r
Oth-r tablets swa--owed
Ey-s cl-sed t-e l-ght
Sti-l blazi-g shimmer--g

Lights f-de in t-e da-k
Rot-ting cl-ckwise
To vanish to corners
More peripheral

Ret-rning bright-r
Mor- int-ns-ty
Blind--g compl-t-ly
On the r-ght s-de

Fr-sh a-r blows
Dancing fire aw-y
Leaving you flaked out
For the rest of a long day

MAWH, March 2018

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