Tuesday, 28 November 2017


There was a young lad name of Henry
On his birthday fell out of a tree
They cancelled his bash
The cake's in the trash
Life's full of such sad tragedy

‪There once was a young lad called Jake‬
Whose grandma baked his birthday cake
On the theme of football
Which he didn't like at all
So that cake felt like such a mistake

‪Proud grandma baked her Henry a treat‬
Making it right knocked her off her feet
When she took it around
Can you guess what she found
They'd just had one from Asda to eat

‪There once was a young lad called Jake‬
‪Whose grandma baked his birthday cake‬
‪On the theme of football‬
‪Which he didn't like at all‬
‪And icing the wrong name was a mistake ‬

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