Saturday, 27 May 2017



Let’s try not to dwell on those missed moments
The tiny songbird so beautifully placed
In the small but not leaf-cluttered tree
Right next to the path - but I’d put on the wrong lens

Or the goldfinch so close that it hurt
That flew away the split second I brought
My camera to bear on its beautiful frame
To photograph a bare branch and a leaf

Or the hare sitting not five feet away
It’s profile beyond the farm gate
As I faffed and I fiddled with a phone
Then bounced off as I stowed it away

Or the wagtail sitting perched on a rock
So close that I just couldn’t miss
If I hadn’t taken quite so long to see it
Giving it time to disappear behind a tree

Or that staggering heart-pumping moment
When from below the bridge at my right
A flash of metallic blue caught the daylight
To be instantly gone beyond that far-off shed

Or the dipper I’d been so seeking out
That was plain - large-as-life - over there
On the rocks where the water was flowing
If I hadn’t been looking the wrong way

Or the most intense sound of some pinging
So loud and so close that it pained
Which signalled another Kingfisher
Fluttering away before I had time to think

But let’s try not to dwell on missed moments
The pictures would have blurred anyway
So let’s try not to dwell on missed moments
Because they’re moments to remember after all

Martin A W Holmes, May 27 2017

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