Wednesday, 5 April 2017



One day, a large group of fluffy bunnywabbits were sitting on a pier, and one of the fluffy bunnywabbits thought of what that particularly wilful young fluffy bunnywabbit thought was a brilliant idea.

The idea was this:

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we all jumped off this pier?” that fluffy bunnywabbit thought.

And so that fluffy bunnywabbit got to talking about it with the other fluffy bunnywabbits, and, after some discussion, it turned out that about a third of the fluffy bunnywabbits thought it was a brilliant idea, another third of the fluffy bunnywabbits thought that it was a terrible idea, and the other third of the fluffy bunnywabbits weren’t really bothered either way.

In the end the fluffy bunnywabbits decided that, because slightly more of the fluffy bunnywabbits DID want to jump off the pier, than either the fluffy bunnywabbits that didn’t want to, or the fluffy bunnywabbits that weren’t really bothered either way, then all of the fluffy bunnywabbits would all have to jump off the pier together.

One thing that all the grown-up fluffy bunnywabbits agreed on, though, was that, whatever the fluffy bunnywabbits decided, the fluffy bunnywabbits would also wake up the baby fluffy bunnywabbits (whose opinion on whether all the fluffy bunnywabbits jumped off this pier or not the grown-up fluffy bunnywabbits felt didn’t matter), and make sure that the baby fluffy bunnywabbits had to jump off the pier with the grown-up fluffy bunnywabbits.

And so all the fluffy bunnywabbits lined up to jump off the pier and it was only as the first fluffy bunnywabbit stood at the very edge of the pier looking at the choppy seas thrashing about so very far below where the fluffy bunnywabbit was standing, that that particular fluffy bunnywabbit began asking itself what it was that the fluffy bunnywabbits that didn’t want to jump off the pier thought that they knew, and what it was that those particular fluffy bunnywabbits had been so concerned about, and maybe, just maybe, the concerns that those fluffy bunnywabbits had might still be worth worrying about after all.

The crowd of fluffy bunnywabbits heard the the fluffy bunnywabbit asking these questions and said that the fluffy bunnywabbit should just shut up and stop thinking about it and then the whole crowd of fluffy bunnywabbits surged forward behind that fluffy bunnywabbit and pushed all of the reluctant fluffy bunnywabbits off the pier with them as they all tumbled off that pier together.

Martin A W Holmes, April 2017

Oh, in case you were wondering, I'm just writing stories about fluffy bunnywabbits... (it was going to be about quackerdoodles until I remembered that they have wings)

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